Consulting Analysis Thailand

We acquire and expose company information from trusted sources, for better decision making and increased efficiency.
Our tools give clients the ability to see undiscovered facts. We give you the opportunity to utilize these to make informed decisions.
"I can only show you the door. You are the one that has to walk through it."
Morpheus, The Matrix
Consulting Analysis Thailand provides Indo-China data analytics that facilitate a clearer perspective of real business interactions and activities than is normally seen on any other platform! The principals of Consulting Analysis (Thailand) have 40 years of business development and due diligence experience in South-East Asia.
Some years ago, at the request of a Fortune 500 client, we were asked to design online tools that would allow their staff, to have access to a timely and fully searchable Indo-China corporate registry data, for better strategic decisions.
Since then, many of our clients have worked with us to refine these data tools, which allow a perspective not available with any other resource. Access to these tools almost always makes the difference between thinking you know what is real and knowing it.
Consulting Analysis (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
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